Our services include:-

  • Advanced Materials Applied Research
  • In situ, in operandi metrologies, measurement tools for advanced multifunctional materials. Development of new tools and access to state of the art systems
  • Standardisation, measurement method development and implementation of best practice in your company research labs
  • Advanced data analysis tools and materials modelling capability
  • UK and European Research programme/proposal reviews and progress monitoring
  • State of the Art research reports - R&D, writing and publication/presentation as required
  • Technical and Academic Research Review
  • Research, Laboratory and Development Planning
  • Technical Management and Specialist Resourcing
  • New Materials Profiling, Design, Manufacture and Application
  • Policy Formulation for Government and Industry
  • We have over thirty years experience working within major international research projects at senior academic and professional / commercial levels, concerning both fundamental scientific research and applied industrial research and development.

    Please contact us for any inquiries.